What is the purpose of this site?

Many people ask the question "why invest in anything?" The answer is very simple - financial security. Your main currency may change for the worse and you will lose your money. If you invest your money wisely in several different currencies and companies, then in the long term you will not only not lose your capital, but also acquire new capital.

To start investing, a person needs to choose a stock broker with whom he will work and invest money. But choosing a stock broker is a daunting task. Now there are tens to hundreds of brokers on the market, but not all of them are safe and reliable. Also in this market, many scammers are looking for profit. A lot of people lost their savings because they used fake brokers.

Therefore, the TimeWharp team works especially for you! We analyze stock brokers on a monthly basis, identify fraudsters, look for the best conditions and give this information to YOU.

We carry out the most thorough analysis, which includes several stages:

  1. The legality of each broker. Each broker on our list is absolutely legal and has the necessary licenses to operate in the market.
  2. Quality of customer support. This means that we are testing all methods of client support that each broker provides (e-mail, chat on the site, phone).
  3. The quality and simplicity of the broker's website interface. Simplicity and clarity of the interface is one of the keys to the success of capital investment.
  4. Methods for depositing and withdrawing capital. The team checks the ease of depositing and withdrawing capital.
  5. etc.

Thanks to the TimeWharp team, you can invest your capital in trusted stock brokers.

Invest with us! Invest wisely!